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A Media and multimedia education resource centre in Belgium

Média Animation a. s. b. l. (Non Profit Organisation)

Short Mission statement

Média Animation ASBL is the media and multimedia education resource centre for one of the schools network in the French-speaking part of Belgium. It is authorized and subsidized by the Minsitry of Education and Ministry of Culture. It is also a global centre for vocational training. Média Animation was founded in 1972. It was granted vital funding to implement research, information, training and educational publication. Média Animation’s mission is to support operators in the field of education along two complementary action lines :
- Consultancy and audiovisual and multimedia production : professional production support to operators in the cultural and educational fields.
- Media and multimedia education : raise awareness with political authorities and education authorities, train teachers and educational mediators (social workers, educators,...), publish educational works, set up research actions.

Media Animation has
- to take part in the integration of media and multimedia education in school curricula, to advise educational and political decision-makers and raise awareness of this issue.
- to stimulate media and multimedia education as part of a citizenship approach for the benefit of the whole school and education community.
- to offer professional services helping non profit organization and educational institutions concerning media and multimedia production.

The centre takes part in specialized councils and government colleges : Media Literacy Governmental Board (Conseil de l’Education aux Médias de la Communauté Française) - Higher Board for Broadcasting (Conseil Supérieur de l’Audiovisuel) - Higher Board for lifelong during education(Conseil Supérieur de l’éducation permanente)

Media Animation coordinates and participates in different EC funded project :
- Educaunet (coordination) - a European program to develop critical awareness of Internet risks through media education.
- Media-educ - a European online observatory for media education.
- Mediappro - Applied research in Media Education

Activities : short overview


Média Animation has developed vocational training for teachers and cultural workers for many years. Our team of teachers and media and training professionals organize more than 300 training days every year. Here are some examples of these training workshops : Des médias en jeux, Nouveaux médias à l’école : révolution ou mutation ?, La télé et le multimédia au cours de français, Analyse critique des médias, Vidéo production, Communiquer avec les médias, Multimédia production,. . .

Research operator

The research department sets up research action programmes associating field operators in order to fuel reflection on education and explore new directions for media and multimedia education.

Professional production support

The purpose of this department is to make a team of professionals and audiovisual and multimedia equipment available to help vocational training operators, teachers, and members of the French-speaking Community at large with their communication projects.

Educational tools to facilitate teaching

Média Animation runs an information centre specializing in the media and media education. It also publishes numerous educational tools for its various audiences, often joining forces with other partners :

Multi-MédiActeurs hebdo : a weekly selection of television programs, Internet sites and CD-Roms designed for use in schools. Available free of charge on the Internet, http://www. media-animation.be

Les carnets de la formation multimédia : a loose leaf file designed to explore all aspects of educational multimedia. Produced in association with Cefis and FPE.

MédiActeurs : tout savoir sur la télé : the leading reference tool for critical education to the television media. It was awarded the French-speaking Community "Best educational tool award".

Features of organization

- Profit/non profit : Non Profit Organisation (Association sans but lucratif, loi de 1921)
- Nature of expertise / competence : Teacher and trainer teaching, Multimedia production, Pedagogical researches, Implementation of new technologies in field of education, Media Literacy.
- Year of foundation : 1972
- Number of staff : 28
- “Clients”/Users : Schools (all level), teachers, adults, educational leaders,...